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As a creative mind, I love challenges and working on various types of projects.
I divide my services into three main areas:

Art & Illustration

venus and swan in watercolor

You can shop or order custom:

Art & Illustration

Graphic Design

branding and visual identity

You can hire me for:

Art & Illustration

Fashion Design

pattern design for backpacks

You can hire me for:

Art & Illustration


Questions people often ask me:

Long before the pandemic started, I was already working remotely from home and not being in person on projects was not that important for my work. Besides that, we will do online meetings to get to know each other “in person” and to ensure we are both safe I only work on contract.

I work from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm, Lisbon time which is WEST (GMT +01:00). You can contact me anytime between these hours.

I always tell my clients that once we’re working together, it’s preferable to comunicate via e-mail (WhatsApp only to urgent issues) because apart of keeping my professional and personal life separated, all the information we exchange gets more organized in e-mails. 

Once you decided you want to work with me, I’ll check the next date available to start your project (sometimes I can start in 1-2 weeks but other times the only available spot is in months ahead, it depends on the time of the year).

To make sure I will dedicate myself to your project on that date, I’ll ask for 50% of the total amount to book your project. The final 50% is paid once the project is done, before I send the final files.

*The “Branding Social” package and projects that cost 70€ or less are fully paid upfront.

I always charge in Euro, which is the currency of where I live but, if you live in Brazil, you can pay me directly in Reais to my brazilian account. On the day agreed for payment, I will check the exchange rate from Euro to Real and I’ll inform you of the amount.

If you live anywhere else, you can pay me via Revolut or bank transfer using my IBAN.

Yes, I graduated in Fashion Design in 2007 and in Graphic Design in 2010. I have been working with creativity in the past 15 years.

Yes, I do. In the past, I created a series of illustrations that got viral named “Procura-se um amor que goste de”. These illustrations turned into products and also a book which was released in 2015.

If you live in Brazil, you have the option to support my work buying my illustrated products on my online shop or ordering my art that I’ll send it by mail from Portugal.

If you live anywhere else, choose your art piece and I’ll send you by mail from Portugal.