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Hi! I’m Thaís Aragão, the artist & designer behind the studio Oh, Thaís!

Born in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, living in Portugal since 2015 and lover of astrology, mythology and pets.

A creative look at emotions and an emotional look at creativity.

I am a designer by education (graduated in both Fashion and Graphic Design) but I also define myself as an artist because my job is to transform the invisible into something real. (if you have anything inside your head and you don’t know how to turn it into reality, I will help you.)

I am so intimate with my emotions that it is easy to understand others. They are also my guide to exercise the creativity I have inside me and present beautiful visuals and creations full of meaning.

Besides art pieces, my main services are Branding & Visual Identity and Surface Pattern Design.

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Why "Oh, Thaís!"?

My name comes from the greek and means “the one to be admired”.
Coincidentally or not, my brand name was created with admiration as the basis.

Oh, Thaís! sounds much cooler when you say it like you’re surprised and amazed by something: “Ohhh, that’s beautiful, Thaís!” or “Oh, how gorgeous it is, Thaís!”

My intention was, is and always will be to provoke the admiration in my clients, with the way they are treated throughout the work process and, of course, with the final result.

As I said before, I am passionate about creativity. The feeling of creating something beautiful, functional and that makes a difference in people’s lives is unique!

Ready to be amazed too?

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GOOD TO KNOW: I speak English and Portuguese, so you can contact me in any of these languages.

number one
I am a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Rising and Aquarius Moon
number three
My Venus in Taurus makes me look for comfort and long sessions of watching series + popcorn at home.
My favorite place in the world is New York City
number four
I love how Taylor Swift is a master telling her feelings and stories through her music.