Procura-se um amor que goste de


“Often, when we don’t have many expectations, that’s when we reap the best results.” I can say that this is what happened with my first series of posters: “Procura-se um amor que goste de” (“Looking for a lover who likes).

How did I came up with the idea for "Procura-se um amor que goste de"?

The very first two posters I created for the series.

In 2012 and for fun, after an episode in which my friends blew me off, I felt motivated to create art that would make clear my search for love. After all, if I were dating at the time, I’m pretty sure I’d have company for that l Friday night out when I was so looking forward to having dinner at a sushi bar, sipping a beer. Nham Nham! :d

The next day, I added the first two posters to my Facebook page, which I used as a portfolio at that time. What happened next was fantastic!

First, my friends loved the idea, sharing the posters and asking me to create other variations. Then their friends too. And then, the other day, friends of friends…

In a short time, people from all over Brazil was sharing the posters and until today, the series is my most recognized work and responsible for the incredible number of more than 15.000 followers on my page, coming from countries like Portugal, United States, United Kingdom and many countries in South America, besides Brazil, of course. It is right to note that all of this happened in a time when the social engagement was much more organic and there was no trick of algorithms. Because of that, my page was one of the forerunners of shareable content on the internet.

The series has 60 posters posted on the Facebook page and more were created especially for the book, which was released in February 2015.

The Beatles
coffee lovers



Since I started making the series, my work has appeared in important communication vehicles and has been commented on by opinion makers and important people in the areas of Fashion, Design and Journalism.
You can see the full clipping here.

If you want to know more about the creation process and the result of the series, you can read my interview for Marie Claire here.


Due to the enormous success of the series, the publisher Nova Terra wanted to publish a book with the illustrations.
In addition to the posters, the book had two pages of stickers.

The book launch event took place at Saraiva Mega Shopping of Norte Shopping Mall, in Rio de Janeiro.

lançamento livro thaís aragão norte shopping


Prior to the book, other companies were interested in partnering with me using the series to illustrate their products.


The t-shirt’s brand “Poeme-se” hired me to develop 3 exclusive prints with the aesthetics of the posters.

The pillows shop Laboratório Monstro chose 6 posters to sell in their pillows.


camisetas poeme-se thaís aragão