These are the pillars of Oh, Thaís! studio.
I believe a good job is done together
and that communication is the key to the success of any partnership.


Are you looking for someone who is enthusiastic and passionate about creation?
Someone who will help you to tell a story with your ideas?
So good to meet you!

Coincidentally or not, my brand name was created with admiration as the basis.
Oh, Thaís! sounds much cooler when you say it like you’re surprised and amazed by something: “Ohhh, that’s beautiful, Thais!” or “Oh, how gorgeous it is, Thais!”

My intention was, is and always will be to provoke the admiration in my clients, for the way they are treated throughout the work process and, of course, with the final result.

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Short Story

Designer, illustrator, creator and blogger.
My name is Thaís Aragão, I was born in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil and I live in Portugal since 2015.

Fashion and Graphic Designer by education, I also work with illustration and copywriting.
I am passionate about visuals and meaningful creation anything you have inside your head and you do not know how to take it out, I can help you.

In Brazil, I worked for more than 6 years with pattern design, product and collections development.
Now, I work as a freelance designer in Portugal and continue to do the same for clients worldwide, as well as branding, visual identity and content creation.

I love animals and also own a pets’ accessories brand named Oh, Pets!

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Long Version

Since I was a child, I was already hanging on to the artistic side and I was sure that I would work in the creative field, being an advertiser or a writer. At age 11, I loved doing homemade exhibits of my drawings and clay sculptures. It was at this age too that I created my first blog, where I wrote about my teenage passions and anguishes.

The time has passed and I continued to write, so much so that I was even invited to join a team that would write for Capricho Magazine, where I stayed for three years writing articles on the most varied subjects. Most recently, I was a columnist for SOS Solteiros, writing about my travels.

So much my passion and dedication to writing (in school, my favorite classes were Portuguese, Writing and Literature), I almost went to Journalism or Law School.

However, enchanted by the shapes, colors and all the “glamour” of the profession (which does not exist, by the way), I entered to Fashion School, where I fell in love with the classes of Pattern Design, History of Art and Clothing, Fashion Journalism and Portuguese (of course! hehe).

After graduating, I decided to face a second graduation, Graphic Design. Early in the first semester, I got an internship in a women’s accessories company that brought the two areas together and during the more than 6 years I worked there, I specialized in patterns and prints, products and entire collections development.

In parallel, I got involved in projects and artistic collaborations, such as the world-famous exhibition Cow Parade and the creation of the poster series “Procura-se um amor que goste de” (that even became a book in 2015 and today has a line of its own products).

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acessórios para pets


My creative mind never let me stay still.
So I felt the need to leave my job and the chaotic big city to devote myself more to what my heart wanted and live according to what I believe: healthy mind, healthy body (and vice versa!).

I moved to Portugal with the intention of working as a freelancer and having my own brand, dedicated to pets and people who loves them.

I love traveling (almost always by myself), dancing, watching series, reading about personal development, cooking and eating! : B (and it’s pretty much about all those things I write on the blog)

Nice to meet you, I am Thaís!



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